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OTO twin: the digital twin of human temporal bone

Key points

  • Anatomical high-fidelity
  • Coexistence of hard resin reproducing bone and soft resin reproducing soft tissue
  • Simulation of middle ear surgery, cochlear implantation, otoneurosurgery
  • Adult and pediatric versions, available in different levels of difficulty

Our honours

Discover the rewards attributed to the OTOtwin project

Presentation of Pr. Cécile Parietti - Winkler


  • Professor of ENT and cervico-facial surgery at the University of Lorraine, hospital surgeon in the ENT and CCF department of the Nancy University Hospital.
  • Medical and surgical referent for ear pathologies, responsible for the cochleo-vestibular functional explorations sector.
  • Head of the Lorraine cochlear implantation reference center
  • Senior researcher in the laboratory DevAH Développement, Adaptation, Handicap (EA 3450, University of Lorraine)
  • Awarded by the Fondation pour l'Audition (FPA)
  • Pedagogical advisor of the University of Lorraine, ex-director of the department of orthophony of the University of Lorraine, co-director of the school of audioprothesis of Lorraine

The consequences of insufficient training or "first time surgeries" performed directly on a real patient are unacceptable because it is, each time, the patient who has to pay the price. Recent technological advances in the field of digital technology and 3D printing have allowed the advent of innovative educational tools using simulation and allowing to meet the recommendations of French National Authority for Health (HAS) in its 2012 report: "Never the first time on the patient! OTO twin is the result of a transdisciplinary collaboration between the health sector, the engineering sciences and the multi-material 3D printing industry. This digital twin of human temporal bone allows the progressive acquisition by future ENT specialists of the anatomical knowledge and technical skills necessary for the practice of ear surgery, cochlear implantation and otoneurosurgery, promoting the development of qualitative and safe professional practices.

Pr. Cécile Parietti-Winkler

University of Lorraine, Nancy University Hospital

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